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Give me pills, right? And that would just take care of everything... [entries|friends|calendar]
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Kill Us All

[21 Sep 2008|05:38am]
[ mood | weird ]

So in the past few weeks since my last post things have gotten so crazy I cant even explain it right.

So I found out I have and 18 year old sister no one ever thought to tell me about. My mom knew and she said I was too young and then she just forgot. How the hell do you forget something like that. Well I thought about it for a bit and decided it would be great if we could be a part of each others lives and have fun and become close, and then I found out shes autistic and epileptic and she doesnt know anyone, not even her own mother. So obviously I was going through a hard time and when I needed him most my dear old boy toy decides to tell me he doesnt love me anymore. Like I really needed that shit. But the truth of the matter is he does love me, he just wants to spend every second of his life playing warhammer online and doesnt want any destractions. Thats fucked up. And hes been tlaking to that girl again. Where the hell do I meet these boys?

Im trying man, its hard nowadays. It seems like the older you get the harder and more fucked up shit gets.

On another note, David is back. Apparently Im the one who got away and he wants to make everything right. But theres too much behind that. He knows I can never be with him if he keeps drinking, cutting back wont do anything. Plus he has to be able to keep a job and start taking care of himself. I dont even know what Im doing, I have to see how everything pans out I guess.

This shit is retarded
<3 Adora

2 bloody corpses Kill Us All

[29 Oct 2005|02:43am]
Im thinking about deleting everything. This journal, my myspace, my email. I dont really need them really. Im also thinking about getting rid of my cell phone. I only use it when I leave my house which is hardly ever and so it sits there unused. No one ever calls anyway. Theres absolutely no reason for me to keep it at all. And even if I did keep it, Im already behind on the bill, along with many others and I cant even afford a pack of cigarettes much less a cell phone bill. Obviously Im not getting a job anytime soon, i havent left the house in over a week, maybe two. Dillon never calls and we still arent going anywhere, and he doesnt care if we break up anymore. I still dont have my GED and my car is still broken. Im seriously more fucked now than when I started just out. this is so pointless

Kill Us All

"Ah Bitch, You Got Tanked, Bitch!" [18 Sep 2005|09:45pm]
Ive been gone a while but Im back now bitchs!
I havent done a fucking thing since I quit my job. Ive just been sitting around the house watching tv and staying on the computer to crazy hours in the morning and by the time I get off everything but my computer screen looks blurry and my eyes hurt like hell.
but I did pass my test
which is a good thing I suppose
Now Im working on getting my car and Dillon and I are gonna move to norcross at the end of october sometime to some really shitty little apartment thats only $450 a month.
I got another tattoo
I got it a while back though
Ill post a picture of it soon I guess
You really didnt miss out on much but a bunch of fighting and me being pissed off because I keep running out of cigarettes.
You know you fucking missed me
<3 Adora

30 bloody corpses Kill Us All

Fuck Off Or Comment [13 Dec 2003|07:37pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Friends Only, Bitch

Comment to be added

Kill Us All

[07 Aug 2003|12:27pm]

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